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AQ Cinco Food Services Inc. has been in the Industry since August 28, 2012. A premiere food service management company that has 78 regular employees to establish and maintain, operate, restaurants, coffee shops, refreshment parlors, cocktail lounge, to cook, arrange, serve and cater goods, drinks, beverages and other food or commodities commonly served in such establishments, and to offer such other services to the public in connection with the operation of restaurant and catering enterprises.

From Raw Goods…

AQ Cinco Food Services Inc. stocks a vast array of products but in the event you need something we do not stock our sales staff is empowered to get it on your timeframe. AQ Cinco Food Services Inc. is there for you with products and people that work!

To Your Dining Table…

Committed to delivering the best in food quality and customer service transforming the way we eat, learn and live. Our high standards assure customer satisfaction.

AQ Cinco Food Services Inc. is committed to developing, supporting, and maintaining local quality brands and successful branded foodservice programs. Delivering consumers the brands they have grown to love and trust is important. You can depend on us for quality products, innovative new items and successful support; including rebates, menu ideas, serving suggestions, point of sale and more.


From the selection of high quality and premium goods we ensure you the best and healthy food we serve

Drinks / Beverages

We select the finest and branded product from local markets the drinks you loved and we offer great bartending services

Fine Dining

We are your complete food service solution. We offer complete package for caterings in any occasions and special celebrations.

Customer Care

We do care about our customers and we accept any feedback regarding our services.


As one of the region’s premier food service providers, we welcome you to our website, where you can learn more about AQ Cinco Food Services, Inc., and our commitment to providing great service and value to those who entrust us as their food service provider. We carry a wide variety of fresh and frozen foods, paper products, and everyday staples as well as specialty products to suit our customers’ unique needs. We are here to work with you to make your establishment the best and the most profitable it can be.

We strive every day to not only provide exceptional value and service to our customers but also to enhance the institutions and communities we serve through our high-quality products and our prompt, reliable delivery. For 12 years now, our priority has been to continually strive to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Here at AQ Cinco Food Services, Inc., we truly appreciate your trust and value your business.



Bakery Products

Frozen Goods

Spice Up Your Life


Our mission is to serve our customers with innovative solutions and superior performance. We offer the tools and services necessary for our customers to succeed.







AQ Cinco Food Services Inc. Delivers Quality, Integrity, Value, Service, and Dedication

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